A Series of Journals Regarding Working With Models

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A Series of Journals Regarding Working With Models

April 22, 2024 admin 0 Comments

1-29-2024: Men’s Traditional Portrait – Self-Portrait

I wanted to start this semester simple and get a sense of where my head is at when I’m on the set by myself, so I decided to complete this assignment with a self-portrait. While all the set-up was smooth sailing, getting a satisfying shot was another story. Perhaps it’s because we all tend to be more critical of ourselves than others. I do feel a sense of frustration as I snap endless pictures but never really feel “done” so to speak. In that aspect, photographing others can sometimes be even easier than self-portraits as it’s easier to feed off the energy of someone else’s enjoyment and satisfaction.

2-05-2024: Beauty Portrait

Keeping it simple, I used my partner Danielle for this shot. She has plenty of experience both in front & behind a camera so she’s very comfortable with the whole process.  After a smooth set-up, we managed to capture great images for this assignment as well as my final portfolio. We have great chemistry on the set and we both enjoy the creative process.

2-12-2024: Couples Portrait

This is the assignment I was probably the most nervous for, I find posing couples difficult and generally uncomfortable. Good idea to use some good friends as models – easy to break through the awkward starting ice. We decided on a “date night” style hotel shoot, you could even call it close to couple’s boudoir work. Initially I wanted to complete my planned shot for the assignment first and foremost but It ended up being the last shot of the night. It was more important to get my models to a comfortable state and to do that, we basically turned the night into a little double date – instead of being “models” & “photographer” we were just friends out for the night. I believe this helped set the relaxed mood for the final shot and my professor was very impressed with the result.

2-17-2024: Child Portrait

Having worked at the JCPenney studio before, I am slightly familiar with infant & child photography, though it is definitely not my preference. My nephew served as my model for this shot and I don’t think I could have managed it without my mom there to keep him relaxed and happy. Toddlers of such an age aren’t really “Directable” but they can be amused. Music and lots of kids toys are keys to a successful shoot.

2-20-2024: Corner Portrait

My friend Malik is somewhat of a shy & introverted type of person, so I knew putting him in front of a camera would be interesting. Thankfully I had the perfect assignment for him, since the theme of the shoot was “Glamour” I knew Malik would kill it with his wardrobe and he didn’t disappoint. After set-up and a few shots, it was clear Malik would need a little cracking out of his shell. As a photographer, sometimes I have the second job of “hype man” and that’s exactly what Malik needed. So I was sure to be loud and boisterous and excited by the shots we were getting, which got him more excited and pleased with the shots we were getting. Something I learned was to tell my models to not fixate on me or my face, as often I make faces while I am analyzing my own work like a furrowed brow which can make a model nervous or feel like they are doing something wrong. I plan to tell all my models that from the outset from now on.

2-24-2024: Bachelorette Shoot

So, when the opportunity to photograph a bachelorette party came up, I knew I needed to jump on it to get a chunk of my portfolio handled. Photographing six individuals and the whole group was way more than I bargained for though – but it did all work out still. Each lady had her own energy and comfort with the shoot, but I turned many of our shots into games for the whole group to keep everyone involved without interfering too much. Six hours later, every member of the group had their turn and we finished off with some group shots. It was a hectic and busy night, but I think it was as much fun for me as it was for the models. Creating little games is a great way to keep the energy of large groups up.

3-10-2024: Engagement Shoot

This is one that I was more anxious about as it approached, weddings and couple work in general are not my usual thing. What I discovered is it’s best to incorporate an activity into the photoshoot as an icebreaker and photo op creator to help keep the shoot running smoothly. An assistant helps immensely with this type of shoot as well.


Love or hate the field, there is a simplistic beauty that flows naturally from people and makes portraiture an endearing & enduring photographic subject. There is as much beauty to be found in the brazen confidence of someone who loves being in front of the camera as the shy reservedness of someone who’s never pictured themselves before. For me, portraiture is a field to be expounded upon, I want to see the emotions that I felt on-set, people’s aura and energy, I want to see it right on my prints. I expect to further pursue portraiture in my career in terms of fine art, I want to tell greater stories or create a image so powerful it feels like a punch in the gut and people tend to be great subjects for that. I don’t see myself spending time with the “Hallmark” work of baby photographs or weddings, maybe if I define a style all my own that I can appreciate while creating with such subjects. I strongly recommend any photographer seeking to improve their skills consider a journal of this nature to improve their own communication skills.

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